Bing Overseas Studies Program

Deutsche Telekom


Design Research - Deutsche Telekom creation center, Berlin

Project Goal
Identify new opportunity fields for Deutsche Telekom. 

Conducted 9 user home visits in German to identify new user groups and their associated needs. 

My Role
Prepared interview guides, developed screening materials for recruiting, and created pre-interview activities for users. Identified key patterns, quotes, and artifacts during interviews. Led the synthesis of the Senior Men user group.

We found German senior men have the need to validate vitality by maintaining a busy schedule and making that known, traveling and heavily photographing those trips, and avoiding conversations about health. Based on this, I developed new product ideas around telecommunications and health for senior men.

Created persona from the research and built a user-inspired room in our office for a workshop during which we shared our work and new ideas with Deutsche Telekom's top 70 executives.